It's a place where anything can happen — a kiss, a second date and maybe even true love.

Welcome to "Kings & Kweens: The Date Night Podcast," where speed dating meets "The Bachelor."

For the show, podcast producers put one person on three 10-minute "dates" onstage — in front of a live audience, most of whom are friends and family of the contestants.

"It's the same way people approach 'The Bachelor' or 'Love Island,' but the twist is it's their best friend or family member onstage," said co-founder Andrew Inserra. "It's someone you sit next to at work, they're onstage and they have their hour of fame."

If your wingman is on the show but you can't attend, not to worry: The show is recorded as a podcast and livestreamed on Twitch.

The show, which takes place at different venues in Minneapolis, got its start when co-founder Declan Brown's mom suggested he and Inserra, both producers, make a live "Bachelor"-esque podcast with an audience. The two launched "The Date Night Podcast" in 2021.

They now host and record about 20 shows a year, 10 in the spring another 10 in the fall in Minnesota. They typically have about 200 people attending each taping, paying $20 for headphone rentals.

Aiming to be inclusive, "Date Night" is open to anyone in Minnesota. A few episodes, titled "The Fab 50s," have focused on people over 50. It also has included a bisexual person, who was set up on four dates — two with men and two with women.

The Minneapolis-based show has expanded to Denver and many more cities are on the horizon, according to Inserra.

"We got sponsors. This is a model that people really enjoy," he said. "We're really trying to find love on a podcast."

Just for fun

For Emmie Wiener, going on the podcast was all part of the fun of being young and looking for love.

"When I go out with the girls, I think we all look really intimidating — so no one approaches us," she said. "Plus, I don't want to leave my friends behind to go and talk to someone, so I find it difficult to meet someone like myself."

When she was on "Date Night" on Dec. 5 at AxeBridge Wine Co. in Minneapolis, she was introduced as a "rave queen who likes to cook." About 30 of her friends were in the audience cheering her on, some held up signs reading, "Emmie's getting cuffed!" and "We love Kween Emmie."

Friend Bailee Randall, who nominated Wiener for the show through its website, knew that Wiener's outgoing, bubbly personality would keep the crowd entertained.

"The men are the ones we have to worry about," Randall said. "They have a high standard to meet."

Not only was Wiener kissed onstage by her third date, she was also sought out by her first and second dates, each of whom asked her for a kiss during intermission. They were egged on by the lively crowd, which began chanting, "Kiss her!" and cheering.

While a live show is, by its nature, unpredictable, show host Tobi Shamu and the production crew of about 15 try to make sure everyone feels comfortable on staff and off. Even if they are selected, no contestant is forced to go on a second date.

Chalking up one wedding

One of the ways Inserra and Brown measure the success of the show is by figuring out how many pairs who meet on "Date Night" go on second dates. So far, more than half have a second date, said Inserra, which contestants set up themselves away from the lights, recording equipment and live audience.

But the ultimate sign of the show's success? One couple who met on the show — Brooke and Spencer Specht — got married in September during an engagement party turned surprise wedding.

Spencer Specht was a contestant on the show, then became the headliner in April 2021.

"I had been doing some online dating," he said. "I reached a burnout stage, when the podcast came out. It was organic and original."

Brooke said the show introduced her to someone she felt an immediate connection with.

"We wanted the host to stop talking because we were having a good conversation on our own," she said. "It felt like fate."

For Emma Martens and Jared Wolt, one of the best parts of being on the show was sharing it with all their friends and family — the good, bad and the cringe.

When they were on "Date Night" in September 2022, Martens didn't pick Wolt. Later that week, however, she messaged him. Their relationship has grown from there.

"No one will let me forget that I didn't pick Jared," Martens said. "Now we're meeting with a Realtor to buy a house together."

Would she recommend going on the show?

"What's the worst that can happen? It's an hourlong show. You've sat through an hour of a horrible movie," she said. "Don't take yourself too seriously. You never know. I stumbled into the love of my life."

The next "Date Night Podcast" will take place at AxeBridge Wine Co. on Dec. 12. For more information, go to