Kim Kardashian reportedly failed to make amends with every Minnesotan she should have during her 18-hour whirlwind PR jaunt over the weekend.

Kardashian flew in from LA early Sunday morning for face-to-face closure with her devastated, blindsided spouse, NBA player Kris Humphries, who realized they were estranged only when she surprised him with a Halloween divorce filing -- news he learned from media reports, not his ex-wife-to-be. KimK also met with Kris' pastor, Joel Johnson, who was upset she sprang this divorce on Humphries just 72 days after the Chanhassen minister flew to California to marry the reality TV couple. The pastor should feel especially duped because as Humphries' childhood pastor, Johnson's presence lent the ceremony an aura of legitimacy and a certain hominess, when Kardashian probably knew full well she was a short-timer.

Among the other people with whom a mature adult might have wanted to make amends were Kris' parents, Debra and William Humphries. According to my information, Kardashian never saw the in-laws during her layover.

A source tells me Humphries' parents are crestfallen over this debacle because their son is so upset. Kris is also optimistic about reconciliation. People close to the family say the parents are anxious to welcome Kardashian back into the fold, hope that the marriage will survive and produce lots of grandchildren.

But I am told that Humphries' parents believe the real proof that Kardashian is serious about a reconciliation with Kris will be when she withdraws the divorce papers.

Of course, if you've been keeping score, Kardashian has only shown contempt for Kris' family. They were the members of the marriage party relegated to a bus at the ceremony while Kardashian relatives rode in Maybachs and Rolls Royce Phantoms. That choice of luxury vehicles now seems like clever foreshadowing on the bride's part: A Phantom ride... for a phantom ride?

It's widely believed that Kardashian's weekend trip to Minnesota was part of an image campaign to combat public backlash from her filing for divorce and then blithely flying off to Australia to promote merchandise. But those Australia appearances did not go too well, and she cut that trip short when the media down under hounded her with pertinent questions about what looked like a marriage for personal profit and publicity.

Which is exactly how TMZ's Max Hodges sees it.

"Kim Kardashian is a total fraud -- can I say that?" Hodges said to TMZ founder and anchor Harvey Levin Monday on TV. "I think she's faking this entire thing."

Levin weakly noted that Kardashian left LAX at 2 a.m. so nobody would see her flying off to Minnesota.

Nobody, noted another character on the show, except the photographer who was on hand to take Kardashian's photo at Minneapolis-St.Paul International at 5:30 a.m. (My hunch is that Kim or some other Kardashian sometimes call TMZ to give photo-op tips, I just love how the show skewers her anyway -- probably all for a price.)

TMZ producer Dax Holt claimed Kardashian looked "like hell" after the 18-hour visit to Minnesota. "She looked like she had been crying the whole time," said Holt.

A lake of tears is in order considering how much pain Kardashian's heartless behavior is causing Humphries and his family.

"Sometimes people who are into publicity are legitimately upset," said Levin.

The edgy blonde chick on the show replied: "I think she's genuinely upset that people think she's an idiot for divorcing the guy after 72 days."


More likely, Kardashian is grieving the fact that her fans figured out they were scammed.

Fan backlash, and possible damage to the Kardashian "brand," is why she came to Minneota, which from TV clips looks to be the "irreconcilable difference" in the marriage. She was upset Humphries pressured her to create a life and family in Minnesota, as if she'd have been required to be here in winter. I thought they would live all over since the have residences in so many places. Of course, these are the kinds of details mature people discuss during a longer engagement period, which isn't curtailed by the need to generate story lines for reality TV.

Kardashian does not think an empire like hers can be run from here, although Target, General Mills, 3M and people like "Bizarre Foods" star Andrew Zimmern manage to do so.

How long will it be before fans ticked off about getting sucked into this fake (at least on Kim's part) love story stop buying Kardashian merchandise?

By the way, in case you hadn't gotten around to buying the 72 Day Wife a wedding gift, the NY Daily News reported Tuesday that Kim's and Kris' bridal registry as Gearys of Beverly Hills is still active.

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