I met Karl in 1980, while working under him as an intern for MPIRG's 'Statewatch newspaper,' of which he was the editor. We became fast friends.

Karl was also editor of the Detroit Lakes newspaper, worked as a speach writer for the MN DFL, was a free-lance travel journalist, book author, created a blog 'Ripple in Stillwaters,' and fought to establish a no wake zone on the St. Croix River.

He used to love fishing the currents on the St Croix in his little 16' fishing boat; and, one of my favorite memories came while joining him on one such day.

He was an excellent photo journalist, capturing countless wildlife scenes. But, perhaps his favorite subjects were the blues musicians he came to know over the years. He helped promote such events as the Bay front Blues Fest in Duluth. He was a micro-brewer before micro-brewing was popular (his St Croix Maple Ale & Serrano Ale remain among the best).

Most of all Karl had a passion for life. His devotion to the environment and his love for music were an inspiration to all who knew him.