Do you feel fatigued? It could be the weather, and the suspicion that spring is still a few days, or weeks, or months away. Perhaps it's the lack of sun. Perhaps you're just not getting enough . . . milk.

We knew it was good with cereal, but also a cure for industrial fatigue? Impressive. I found that on a page of tiny ads in an old newspaper. There were so many. The bread and butter of the industry, really. And they sold bread and butter, too. This one caught my eye:

ICE! Not just when you want it but asyou want it, which sounds like the sequel to a Shakespeare play. Also, note it's an Ice AND Fuel company, so if your drink has a slight gasoline tinge, you'll know why.

The ad was below a news story that just happened to be about . . . the Cedar Lake Ice company.

This is not described as an "Ad" or "sponsored" content. It's a news story. There's a photo of the fleet:

The story goes on to extoll the virtues of the basically correct ice company. You wonder how much the company paid for it

Those were the days!

MYSTERIES Here's a line that might make you read a piece about the world's most untranslatable manuscript: "One of the women looks vaguely annoyed, her hands inserted into two pipes, a small beard sprouting from her chin." More here.

It's odd I should run across that this morning; daughter brought it up over the dinner table, because she'd been watching a YouTube "Top Ten" video. There are a million of them. Top Ten Unexplained Mysteries, Top Ten Strangest Objects in Space, Top Ten Spurious Assertions Tarted Up With Attractive Graphics, Top Ten Credulous Internet Top-Ten-List Viewers, that sort of thing. Every time she tells about one we go through the assertions to see if they're factual, or just more internet nonsense. The general lesson: don't believe something just because it's in a list and has a dramatic soundtrack.

TECH New commenting system! This CRAPCHA should cut down on all the spambots who want to tell everyone they made lots of money working from home.

I suggest that every site on the internet use this for a while. You can get yours here.

As long as we're on peeves - and for me, those include spambot comments and CAPCHAs - let me speak on behalf of everyone who accidentally mouses over something underlined twice, and an ad pops up: stop it. No one quits what they're reading and goes to search for timepieces because they accidentally clicked on the word "watch." If mousing over the word triggers a short video with audio, please realize you are ruining the internet and people will shun you at parties if you tell them what you do for a living. Thank you.

MAD MEN Is Jon Hamm still doing the radio ads for Benz? He sounds hoarse and uncertain. I still can't figure out why they hired him to do the ads and requested that he not sound like Don Draper, but they're the experts. Speaking of Mad Men: here's something no one else who studies every word, gesture, color, background TV announcer script, or piece of glassware has pointed out yet. I should note that I liked the episode, which is usually a sign that the people who obsess over it were disappointed. It works that way, somehow. Nevertheless:

Don's expression after he had engaged in some marvelous subterfuge intended to sink the wishes of a disappointing, dull-minded client. In the background, a reminder of one his most favorite pitches.

Of course that's intentional. They've moved since the Carousel pitch. It was put there for us to see.