Former Vikings coach Dennis Green, who died Friday morning at age 67, was known for his colorful quotes, expression and moments almost as much as he was known for winning football games.

Here is a sampling of some of the best quotes from Green over the years — many of which give a keen insight into his personality:

"There is a new sheriff in town." – From Green's introductory news conference with the Vikings in 1992, indicating he was going to clean up a team that had acquired a reputation over the years.

"Plan your work and work your plan." — An oft-repeated message from Green, a testament to his unflinching belief in his system. He was 97-62 in his Vikings career, so he was clearly doing something right.

"Faith, family, football" and "When we play like we play when we play." — Two contributions from former Star Tribune Vikings beat writer Kevin Seifert, now at, when asked for his favorite Green-isms.

"I understand the weather pattern picks up the Calcutta Clipper — swings down, swings up, lake front influence, then out." — Green, as coach of the Cardinals in 2004, talking about the weather patterns before a game in Buffalo. He meant "Alberta Clipper," but the unintentional faux pas remains magical to this day.

"They are who we thought they were."Part of Green's infamous rant, again as Cardinals coach, after Arizona melted down and lost a game against the Bears.

"There's no way you're going to think we will give up 400 yards passing and that we won't score any points. You don't think there's any way that will happen." — Green, after the Vikings lost 41-0 to the Giants in the 2000 NFC title game.

"I'm always going to be on the high road. If you're looking for Denny Green, you want to find out where Denny Green is, whether I am in California, New York, or wherever, look on the high road. That's where I'll be." — Green, after he lost his job with the Vikings with one game left in a disappointing 5-11 season in 2001.