Gayle Elizabeth Sample, whose fresh-faced smile is among the most widely publicized visages in Minnesota, turned 59 Monday.

For years, Sample's driver's license — albeit fabricated — has been helping state officials communicate all sorts of publicity campaigns across Minnesota, from changes in license design to cautionary messages about identity theft.

The concocted identification notes Sample's date of birth as 05-22-1958, along with the rest of the usual licensing lowdown: gender, eye color, height and weight, address (made up), etc.

And yes, Sample is a designated organ donor.

While a few other female faces have filled in from time to time, just who is the actual woman who has most commonly portrayed Gayle Elizabeth Sample since 2004?

She owes her fame to MorphoTrust USA, a Massachusetts-based identification manufacturer that contracts with Minnesota to provide real driver's licenses.

So, is Sample real or not?

Megan Leonard, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Public Safety said, " 'Gayle' is not a computer-generated image. She's a real person that was photographed by an agency."

A spokeswoman for the company said Monday she would try to find out what more can be revealed about the woman behind the face. But MorphoTrust rep Sarah Horowitz, and we assume that's her real name, declined to reveal any details.

A sampling of the web turned up the same face on sample licenses for several other states.

Maybe a peek at Sample through astrology might offer a glimpse into her personality. She's a Gemini, and tells those born on May 22, "You ... have a secretive side to you."

Horoscopes are so predictable.

Star Tribune staff writer Matt DeLong contributed to this report. Paul Walsh • 612-673-4482