So you're planning to the Minnesota State Fair during the Great Heat Dome of 2023? We like your style. Weather forecasts for Friday show highs in the upper 80s with a chance of thunderstorms. Be sure to hydrate and take breaks from the sun and heat. Here are a few ways to stay cool.

Bring a water bottle, cooler, canteen, etc.

Fair guests are always allowed to bring their own water bottles, as well as coolers, so take advantage. At least 20 water fountains and bottle refill stations are located throughout the fairgrounds — find them with the water drop symbol on the official fair map.

Find a mister

We've always taken them for granted, but "misters" issuing cool, refreshing water vapor are stationed all over the fairgrounds — eight of them, to be exact. Expect a polite line to get misted. We have the previously undisclosed locations, from north to south:

  • North End Event Center, Murphy Av.
  • Fine Arts Center near First Aid East, Cosgrove St.
  • Between the Kidway and the restroom building along Cooper St.
  • Between the Grandstand and Dan Patch Park, beneath the SkyRide on Dan Patch Av.
  • West Dan Patch Av. near First Aid West and the Care & Assistance building.
  • Outside the Leinie Lodge Bandshell on Cooper St.
  • Outside the Compeer Arena on Judson Av.
  • At the Christensen Farms Stage, next to the Miracle of Birth Center on Judson Av.

Air conditioning

Maybe this is the fair visit for focusing on air-conditioned indoor activities? Public fair buildings with AC include the History & Heritage Center at West End Market and the North End Event Center, featuring the free-with-fair-admission Sweet & Selfie Exhibit.

Eat fresh and refresh

Have your fill of frozen treats and frosty beverages, but stop by the Produce Exchange (Carnes Av. and Underwood St.) for a fresh fruit pick-me-up any time of day. Get watermelon, peaches, pluots and more at the booth that's also home to one of the fair's best desserts — grilled peaches with goat cheese and honey.

Get shady

Benches beneath trees and other shaded areas offer respite, but don't forget the tunnel of love. Ye Old Milltakes you on a lazy, cool ride in delicious darkness. It might feel mighty good at solar noon.

Find a fan

Horses and cows have electric fans to keep them cool in the barns as they wait to be shown and judged. You could try to hog their air, but that would be rude. Instead, keep an eye out for hand-held fans that politicians so often pass out at the fair — or bring your own.

Finally, if you are overheated to the point of feeling ill, visit First Aid West, on West Dan Patch Avenue, or First Aid East, part of the 4-H Building on Cosgrove Street.