Get your CSA directory

We could all use a basket of really fresh produce right now! That’s the incentive for community-supported agriculture, which features regularly delivered shares of produce or other local food products during the growing season. If you’re interested — whether it’s a half or full share, whether produce or other options, such as meat, honey or eggs — sign up soon. A listing of options for 2019 can be found at

Change in nutritional analysis

Check out the small (and definitely sweet) change in the nutritional info that appears with our recipes. We’ve moved from “total sugars” to “added sugars” as a data point of interest for our readers. The Star Tribune’s February focus on eliminating (or cutting back) added sugar led one reader to inquire: Why doesn’t the Taste section follow that same effort in its nutritional presentation?” Seemed like a good question and, as of today, we are. When “total sugars” was added to our data several years ago, we debated whether to use that term or “added.” At the time, we went with “total” because the “added” numbers were not as readily available — and because the focus of Weight Watchers (popular with many readers) was on “total.” As public interest has shifted to “added” sugars, we’re here to make it easier to compute. Eat well.

Calling all artists!

Every year the Minneapolis Farmers Market holds a contest to find a new design for its reusable cloth bags that it provides to visitors. Minnesota residents age 14 and older are invited to turn their artistic attention to this year’s opportunity to win one of three prizes from Country Financial: $2,000 for the winner; $1,000 for the first runner-up and $500 for the second runner-up. The theme this year is “Growing a Green Future,” which must be part of the winning design. The phrase “2019 Minneapolis Farmers Markets” must also be included. Designs must be received by 4 p.m. April 12 at 2019 Farmers Market Reusable Bag Contest, Attn: Julie Sitek, Country Financial, 200 Village Creek Dr., Suite 700, North Oaks, MN 55127. Information and rules are at