As we ventured outside last night around 8 p.m., we couldn't help but think about what it would have been like to play -- or watch -- a baseball game at Target Field. All it would have taken: The American League winning the All-Star game (which usually happens), thus giving the AL team the first two home games in the WS; and the Twins advancing that far (which, these days, never seems to happen).

We've been among the most outspoken proponents of a no-roof outdoor ballpark. Anytime we meet someone from another part of the country who tries to tell us the Twins were foolish not to put a roof on Target Field, we set the record straight by telling them A) The weather isn't that bad and B) a roof would have completely ruined a lot of the good things about Target Field. Part A is generally true. Part B is definitely true.

In fairness, though, we do have to acknowledge that it would have been at least a little uncomfortable to play and watch last night as temperatures plunged toward the 32 degree freezing line and a cold wind blew.

It should also be noted, however, that had the Twins advanced to the WS this year, the home games would have been Games 3, 4, and 5 -- Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which are slated for highs in the low-50s and plenty of sunshine. In short: their charmed weather season would have continued. You know, if they could have made it this far.

It should also be noted that we think if the Twins were at Target Field for Game 2 of the World Series last night, 99 percent of true fans would have endured any ensuing chill. It has, after all, been almost 20 years since any major local team even played in the finals, let alone won it all.

Your thoughts on late October baseball at Target Field -- and how you presume you would have felt watching a game there last night -- in the comments.

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