Commenter Clarence Swamptown checked in yesterday with this quick e-mail:

I heard that "Is Joe Mauer Married?" was the most frequent Google search done in Minnesota on Monday, the day he signed his $184M contract. I don't have the first idea how to find out if that is true. Also, when you type into Google "Is Joe Mauer...", the next words that show up automatically are, in order:
1. Married
2. Jewish

Just thought that was kind of funny. Have a good day.

That, of course, sent us on a curious goose chase. (It wasn't exactly wild because we were just typing). We, too, had no way of figuring out if the first part was true and whether "Is Joe Mauer Married?" was the most frequent search done in Minnesota on Monday. But we did learn a little more about Joe Mauer, which we wrote about for Page 2. And we can confirm that, as of 9 a.m. this morning, Clarence is absolutely correct about the second part of his e-mail. When you type "Is Joe Mauer ..." into Google's suggestions, the top five searches are these:

1. Married. 2. Jewish. 3. Single. 4. A Christian. 5. Leaving the Twins.

The next five are even more humorous, we would say:

6. Going to the Yankees. 7. A jerk. 8. Catholic. 9. A free agent. 10. Dating anyone.

If you're scoring at home, that would be a top 10 comprised of: 3 things related to baseball (5, 6, 9); 3 things related to religion (2, 4, 8); 3 things related to his love life (1, 3, 10); and one thing related to him possibly being a jerk (7).

Of course, if you only type "Is ... " into Google, the first suggested topic is "Is Lady Gaga a man."

Which really makes us wonder: Do you use the Internet in the ways Google would have us believe you do?