Five children have died from abuse or neglect since 2014 whose caregivers were known to Hennepin County Child Protection Services.

Imani Jackson

Age: 5 weeks

How she died: The baby's father, Shonwta Jackson, found the baby face down in a laundry basket, according to the criminal complaint. Both of the parents said they had been drinking and smoking marijuana the night before, and the mother put the baby in the basket before going to sleep, the complaint said.

History with child protection: The county removed nine of the parents' children from their care since 1993 due to abuse and neglect.

Kendrea Johnson

Age: 6

How she died: The girl was found with a jump rope around her neck at her foster home.

History with child protection: The girl was placed in foster care after the county learned she was repeatedly neglected by her parents.

Kazerion Harper

Age: 23 months

How he died: He was beaten so severely that an autopsy found he had three broken ribs, a tear in his right lung and a separated liver.

History with child protection: Kazerion's father, Reggie Harper, was reported at least three times for abusing his children. Kazerion was placed in foster care in 2013, then reunited with his mother in March 2014.

Barway Collins

Age: 10

How he died: Homicide, with an undetermined cause

History with child protection: Hennepin County found Barway's father, Pierre, responsible for maltreatment after a child said he touched her in a sexual way, and another child reported being beaten.

Sophia O'Neill

Age: 2

How she died: Blunt-force injuries that included eight broken ribs, a left kidney split in two and a lacerated liver and stomach.

History with child protection: The girl's father said in 2014 the county took Sophia to a temporary shelter for abused children. In February, Sophia's father said he reported her to child protection after he saw injuries on the girl.

Source: Hennepin County records

Staff writer David Chanen contributed to this report.

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