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Shari L. Gross
Video (03:42) Hungry for trivia action? For this round of Fact Frenzy, we've got six questions about classic Minnesota cuisine to test your local food IQ.

This contest has ended, but you can still play along by watching the video above and checking your answers below.

Fact Frenzy, Minnesota Food Edition

1. What's the key ingredient in traditional lutefisk?

Pickle juice



Citric acid

2. Which "signature Minnesota dish" was promoted by the New York Times in 2014, but widely mocked by actual Minnesotans?

Pretzel hot dish

Grape salad (CORRECT)

Walleye ceviche

Jell-O salad

3. Which two Minnesota restaurants claim to have invented the Jucy Lucy?

Blue Door and Matts

Matt's and the 5.8 Club (CORRECT)

The Nook and the 5.8 Club

Matt's and the Nook

4. In what year did Spam debut?


1937 (CORRECT)



5. How tall is Minnesota's iconic Green Giant statue?

38 feet

55 feet (CORRECT)

72 feet

102 feet

6. How did Land O'Lakes Inc. get its name?

When the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association picked it out in a raffle

In a contest that offered $500 in gold as the prize (CORRECT)

By accident when a worker dropped sweet cream butter in a lake

During a visit of a creamery by Gov. J.A.O. Preus