Sam Trammel has returned to the basketball court after sitting out a year because she transferred from Eden Prairie to Eastview.

The senior forward is the second-leading scorer for the Lightning girls' basketball team. She is averaging 16 points per game for the Class 4A defending state champions.

Eastview has suffered only one setback this season, falling to Hopkins 68-55 on the final day of 2014. It defeated the Royals 75-70 in overtime earlier this season at the Lindbergh Center.

Here is a closer look at Trammel, who signed a letter of intent to play basketball for Michigan in the fall:

Q: What is the best movie you've seen in the last year?

A: "Guardians of the Galaxy."

Q: Three songs I never skip on my iPod are …

A: … "No Flex Zone" by Rae Sremmurd, and "0 to 100" and "Trophies" by Drake.

Q: Three words or phrases your friends or teammates might use to describe you?

A: Competitive, aggressive and hardworking.

Q: What are your three favorite apps?

A: Pandora, Instagram and Pinterest.

Q: Who do you like to follow the most on Twitter, and why?

A: Mainly University of Michigan women's basketball stuff. I don't really use Twitter much.

Q: When did you start playing basketball?

A: I started playing basketball in first grade when I lived in Portland. I enjoyed it, kept playing, and got better and better.

Q: What is your favorite meal before a game?

A: Chipotle double-wrapped chicken burrito with extra rice.

Q: What are you going to work on most following the season?

A: I will run track, and try to get myself ready for the Big Ten.

Q: What are your goals for the remainder of the basketball season?

A: To focus on one game at a time, and make sure we reach our potential.

Q: What is your most memorable moment as a high school athlete?

A: The day I signed my letter of intent to attend the University of Michigan.

Q: How do you balance school and sports during the year?

A: I try to do as much studying over the weekend as possible, but it's tough to always get everything done.

Q: If you could change one thing about high school sports, what would it be?

A: I wish we could travel more out of state to play different teams. I also wouldn't mind if we had a shot clock.

Q: Name one sport that you wish you could play, and why?

A: I always wanted to play volleyball, but never got on a team.

Q: Who is your favorite college or pro sports team and why?

A: The University of Michigan and Minnesota Lynx.

Q: In 10 years, I hope I'm …

A: … a Big Ten champion and finishing up with medical school.

Q: Do you have a secret talent — and if so, what is it?

A: I'm secretly Batman. Don't tell anyone.

Q: What is the best sports advice you ever received?

A: Work hard when no one is watching.