A couple of dogs on the loose and a telltale aroma led to police raiding a father-and-son pot-growing operation northeast of Duluth, where several dozen plants were discovered in a home, along with hundreds of dollars in cash and equipment for growing marijuana, authorities said Monday.

The raid occurred Thursday at a mobile home on Torgeson Road, according to the Duluth Township Police Department.

Authorities seized 77 marijuana plants ranging in height from 16 inches to nearly 5 feet; 6 pounds of marijuana packaged for sale, and lights and climate-control devices used in raising the pot, police added.

Authorities put the value of the plants and the harvested marijuana at roughly $100,000.

Police Chief Shawn Padden said he was called to the property last week because two dogs — a pit bull and a German shepherd — got loose.

Padden said he showed up at the home and "knocked on the door. That's when I could smell some hooch going on."

He returned later with reinforcements to carry out the raid of the house where a 57-year-old man and his 26-year-old son live.

The chief said there were five people on the property at the time, including one who was just leaving after buying some pot.

"We'll be looking at charges for each of them," Padden said.

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