More than 100 dioceses and religious orders have reached settlements in sexual misconduct lawsuits. Below are some sample settlements, including attorney costs and victim compensation.

ArchdioceseSettlementClergy involvedVictims

1984-1990Lafayette, La.$18 million1 priest (Gauthe)34 victims

1990Winona, Twin Cities$1 million1 priest (Adamson)1 victim

1992Fall River, Mass.$8 million1 priest (Porter)48 victims

1998Dallas$31 million1 priest (Kos)11 victims

2002Boston$10 million1 priest (Geoghan)70 victims

2003Boston$84 million140 priests 552 victims

2003Chicago $8 million 11 priests 15 victims

2004 Orange County, $100 million31 priests, 10 lay, 2 nuns, 91 victims

Calif. 1 brother

2005Boston$33 million? 257 victims

2006Dubuque, Iowa$5 million9 priests 20 victims

2006Milwaukee$16.6 million2 priests 10 victims

2007Los Angeles$660 million221 priests, brothers, 508 victims

lay teachers and other

church employees

2008Dubuque, Iowa$4.7 million9 priests 18 victims