After Tuesday night's loss to Ohio State, it's interesting to look at the numbers. Where, realistically, do the Gophers stand? One web site has answers.
Here, looks at the probability of where each Big Ten team could finish in the conference based on continually updated data.
Statistically, of course, the Gophers have played themselves out of any possibility of first place and would only finish second, third or fourth in less than 1 percent of possibilities. At this moment, according to this site, they're most likely to finish 10th in the league, in 28 percent of possible scenarios. goes on to say that the Gophers have a 3 percent chance to win the Big Ten tournament, and while there is a 53 percent chance they'll win their first game, there's just a 19 percent chance they'll make it past the second round.
As far as seeding in the NCAA tournament, the Gophers, according to this site are most likely a 12-seed if they make the Big Dance, but there's a 52 percent chance they miss the tournament altogether.
** I thought these numbers were interesting and wanted to share them. As I cannot verify exactly how this site calculates their percentages, I can't guarantee their accuracy.