PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA -- We're inching closer to the halfway point of Team Strib being here for the Olympics, which makes the Super Bowl feel like it happened two months ago.

Now in our second week, I figured it was time to do a boxers and socks check. You know the drill. Count how many pairs left vs. how many days left.

I lost.

By my math, I'll come up short on boxers by four days. And I'm not double dipping.

I'll repeat wear pants, shirts, hoodies, maybe even socks, although that's kind of gross, too.

But I'm drawing a line on boxers.

They told us we have a laundry facility at the media village that's free, but I don't exactly have 2 free hours to waste unless I do it in the middle of the night. The Main Press Center up in the mountain cluster has a service but I checked and they have a three-day lag and I'm guessing not cheap.

I've got to choose one option because the supply is dwindling by the day. Hopefully I don't have a repeat of Sochi. Let me refresh.

We stayed in what was basically a dorm there with no laundry service. A hotel down the street, where the men's hockey team stayed, had laundry service so I took mine there.

They told me to come back the next day to pick it up. I show up and they can't find my clothes. I talked to the manager and he told me to come back at the end of the day and they would have it. I got there around midnight after working all day. Can't find my clothes.

I went back the next morning and they thought that had found them, only to realize it was a bag of women's clothes.

I looked like Eeyore walking back to my dorm. I remember I only had a couple pairs of boxers left with a week to go. There was no Target or any shopping nearby to solve the problem. Talk about panic.

I got a message later that day that they had found my clothes. I ran faster than Usain Bolt to get to there and see if they were right. Jackpot.

Let's hope to avoid going through that again.