Last week, I named the season's most anticipated new bars (Hurry up, Butcher & the Boar!). Here's one that missed the list, mainly because it'll be opening closer to summer. That said, Smokehouse Brewpub has done a great job of generating its own buzz. In September, brewer Jamie Robinson made an offer a lot of beer fans couldn't refuse. For a mere $1,000, potential investors would get free beer for life at the south Minneapolis bar. A month later, Robinson hit his fundraising goal (upwards of $200,000).

This week, the brewer gave me the latest update on his community-supported pub, saying he might be looking at a June opening now. He wants to start construction in early February. Smokehouse, at the corner of 38th Street and 28th Avenue S., will be the first brewpub to open in Minneapolis since the Herkimer. The food will be smoked meat, smoked veggies, smoked everything, basically.

The bar will make its own beer with a system capable of producing 1,000 barrels a year.

Robinson was previously an assistant manager at Town Hall and cut his teeth brewing inside the acclaimed brewpub. At Smokehouse, he plans to brew several approachable beers and some hop monsters, too. He'll try to differentiate himself from the competition by offering his house brews at the comfy price of $4.75 a pint. So even if you didn't invest $1,000 for free beer, you'll still get a deal at Smokehouse.

Drawn together

The always creative, always collaborative folks at CO Exhibitions are trying something new this month (and they've tried everything!). For "Working Title: An Evolving Art Exhibit," the gallery is passing around dozens of pieces among their favorite artists, who will add their own touches to these evolving works.

The gallery will celebrate this ambitious project with a new opening reception each weekend for the next month. The pieces will be put up for sale at each party or taken back for more fiddling. The artists include Michael Cina, Jennifer Davis, Burlesque of North America, Permanent Art and many more. Each party will feature live music of a collaborative nature, such as Mike 2600 and Andrew Broder's improv beatmaking set on Feb. 3.