Opening Friday: Look on the bright side of things. That's apparently a goal of "Rose Colored Glass," a miscellany of drawings, paintings, sculpture, video, sound collages and other work by 11 artists from the Twin Cities and as far off as London and Berlin. Offering an "optimistic approach to contemporary art," the show tackles such ephemera as childhood memories, dreamscapes, social gatherings, cultural conditioning and life in general. Julien Berthier of Aubervilliers, France, drew the little scene shown here, in which a tiny hiker stalks through a wilderness depicted on a billboard planted in an urban wasteland. It's called "Bientôt Ici (Here Soon)." (Ends Aug. 11, free. Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Regis Center for Art, University of Minnesota, 405 21st Av. S., Mpls. 612-624-6518 or MARY ABBE