Breaking news: "We take you to a live look at the weather center where meteorologist Jack Frost is doing a crossword puzzle. Or is that Wordle? Grocery list? Anyway, what's the very latest, Jack?"

Weather guy looks annoyed: "Um, there is NOTHING happening right now. I've unplugged the Doppler and I'm watching Netflix, OK? Mother Nature won't mess with you today."

Sorry to burst your bubble, Jack, but there is a small risk of a shower Wednesday morning. No monsoonlike downpours, though, with most of us staying dry into Thursday. Much of America is experiencing sweltering, triple-digit heat, but we enjoy comfortable 70s and low humidity into the weekend.

A few thunderstorms return on Friday, and with any luck, they won't linger over specific counties this time around. Models still show a partly sunny, beautiful weekend. Dry Saturday and Sunday? Yes, it a meteorological miracle. Saturday looks windy but otherwise OK.

Let's check in on Jack Frost again. Oops. He appears to be napping. Good news!