After belting Okinawa with winds over 100 mph, Songda will continue northward along the Japanese coast.

Typhoon Songda struck Okinawa head on Saturday. Wind gusts topped 110 mph. The city of Naha reported numerous wind gusts over 100 mph, including a peak gust of 113 mph. Kadena had a wind gust of 110 mph.

So far, at least 57 people in Okinawa have been injured. Five of those are serious.

Conditions in southern Japan will deteriorate on Sunday, then northward throughout Tokyo in the afternoon and evening.

Tokyo will have wind gusts to 60 mph. Sunday night (local time) as Songda passes. Rainfall of 3-5 inches is expected in Tokyo.

Farther north across the tsunami-ravaged areas, heavy rain is possible. Sendai could have two or three inches of rain. Wind gusts may top 40 mph.

Conditions will improve rapidly Monday as Songda races east and weakens over the open North Pacific.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Dave Samuhel and Meteorologist Eric Reese.