1)      “The Blind Side” is a best picture contender. Um, seriously?
2)      “Into the Loop” gets a best screenplay nomination. The dialog is flawlessly crafted, intelligently constructed and spellbindingly filthy. Who knew the f-word could be a participial adjective?
3)      Sandra Bullock earned a Razzie worst-actress nomination for "All About Steve" and Oscar nomination "The Blind Side." I predict she goes two-for-two.
4)      Clooney’s great and all but Sharlto Copley in “District 9” – that was some performance.
5)      “The Secret of Kells” for best animated feature? Where do they find these things?
6)      Nothing at all for “Where the Wild Things Are”? Not even best costumes? A bolt of lightning on you, Motion Picture Academy!
7)      Movie lady Katheryn Bigelow gets a best director nod for a hairy-chested  war movie. Progress for the gals? Discuss.
8)      “500 Days of Summer” could have had a little crumb of a screenplay nod, couldn’t it? Is that asking too much?
9)      I hope Tarantino writes Christoph Waltz a hellraising acceptance speech. The idea of Hollywood celebrating the wittiest, most despicable SS man of all time is a moment that demands more than a recitation of agents’ and publicists’ names.
10)   I really want Jeff Bridges to sing the “The Weary Kind” and barf in a garbage can before collecting his Oscar.