The Timberwolves' offseason unfolded in a way that left them with plenty of reasons for optimism about their starting five but also left some questions about their depth — and without much cash to answer them.

It was a risk, to say the least, after fielding one of the worst benches in the NBA last year.

Whether their gamble was calculated or simply a by-product of the players available early in free agency, though, it appears it is starting to pay off.

Earlier this week, Shabazz Muhammad agreed to a one-year deal at a veteran minimum price ($1.6 million) to return to the Wolves. Minnesota reportedly is now looking to do a similar deal with versatile forward Dante Cunningham, while also nabbing a low-cost point guard.

If the Wolves can make both of those things happen, fans who fretted about their depth will be able to calm down.

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