It looks as though Joe Mauer's run of three consecutive trips to the All-Star game (and four in five years) will stop this year. He's 700,000 votes shy of the Yankees' Russell Martin in the most recent AL voting -- not bad, still, considering all the time Mauer missed. No other Twins players are anywhere near a sniff of being voted into the game. There are 20 games before the break. Who will go to the mid-summer classic for the Twins?

For a while, it seemed like Jason Kubel was a lock to be the guaranteed one representative from the Twins. Then he cooled off a bit. Then he got hurt. If he's still a ways away from rejoining the team, those 30 RBI he currently has aren't going to necessarily look that impressive. Still, he's a candidate.

Could Michael Cuddyer -- red hot after an awful start, and praised universally for his versatility -- make a push? He's up to .280 and has 10 homers. If he belts a few more in the next 20 games and keeps his average viable, maybe Cuddyer gets his first ASG nod?

More likely are a pair of starting pitchers -- Scott Baker or Nick Blackburn. Both have ERAs in the top 20 in the AL. Baker has the more impressive numbers in terms of dominance, averaging almost a strikeout per inning and having a Twins rotation-best WHIP of 1.17. Blackburn has been great since May 1, allowing more than 2 ER in a start just once in 9 outings. Either one of them could grab a spot if they succeed in their four or so starts heading into the break.

Who has the best shot in your mind? Comments section, please.