Chad Ochocinco might be re-thinking his entrance into "Dancing With the Stars." He called the judging "harsh" and is in eighth place.

Francisco Liriano might think locking down the job as the Twins' fifth starter will end talk of him closing. Um, probably not.


Arbitron's Personal People Meter (PPM) confirms we're hockey-obsessed. More than one-quarter of Twin Cities males aged 25-54 listening to radio listened to the final hour of the Canada-U.S. gold medal men's hockey game (Feb. 28):

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul, 25.4%

2. Boston, 20.4%

3. Seattle- Tacoma, 16.0%

4. Pittsburgh, 15.5%

5. Washington, D.C., 15.1%


"I watched 'The Simpsons.'"

-- Nets center Brook Lopez, on whether he watched the "60 Minutes" profile of prospective Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov on Sunday.