TWEET OF THE GAME «Great team win today on the road! That was fun. #SKOL »

—Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway (@chadgreenway52)

Let the trash talk begin

I hear the Packer Backers are selling those cute 'Packer Ownership Stock' certificates for basement-bottom prices tonight.


That's the best you can do?

You Vikings fans need to remember there are still seven more weeks of the season.


Some folks are never happy

Should have had at least 10 more points. Teddy needs to make quicker reads and get rid of the ball faster, as the commenters pointed out. Rudolph needs to hang on to the ball.


Could this be the year??

After having watched the Vikes regularly since the mid-70s, believe me I understand skepticism and caution, but come on! These Vikes are amazing.