Nodin Press of Minneapolis and Beaver's Pond Press of Edina were big winners at the Midwest Book Awards, which were given out Wednesday night in St. Paul. Each publisher had seven books that were winners or finalists.

Thirty-six judges -- academics, librarians, teachers -- sifted through 178 entries from 12 states.

Winners included Dave Kenney for "Honor Bright: A Century of Scouting in Northern Star Council," which was also a Minnesota Book Award winner, and Jerry Fearing, former St. Paul Pioneer Press cartoonist, for "Campfire Tales."

Here is a complete list of the finalists and winners from Minnesota:

Arts: "Osmo Vanska: Orchestra Builder," by Michael Anthony (Kirk House, Minneapolis), finalist; "50 Years of Music," by Dave Kenney (Nodin Press, Minneapolis), winner.

Biography/memoir: "Walking on Air in a Field of Greens," by Emilio DeGrazia (Nodin Press), finalist; "You Can't Do That! Marv Davidov, Nonviolent Revolutionary," by Carol Masters and Marv Davidov (Nodin Press), finalist; "The Old Log Theater and Me," by Don Stolz (Beaver's Pond Press, Edina), winner.

Business: "The Old Log Theater and Me," by Don Stolz, finalist; "The Acting Biz," by Beth Chaplin (Kirk House), winner.

Children/young adult fiction: "Zillah's Gift," by Lois West Duffy (Beaver's Pond), finalist; "Wintering," by William Durbin (Raven Productions, Ely), finalist.

Children's picture books: "The Cutest Critter," by Marion Dane Bauer (Adventure Publications, Cambridge), finalist; "Boo Boo Bear's Mission: The True Story of a Teddy Bear's Adventures in Iraq," by Mary Linda Sather (Beaver's Pond), finalist.

Genre fiction: "The Black Minute," by Christopher Valen (North Star Press, St. Cloud), finalist; "Deadly Stillwater," by Roger Stelljes (Beaver's Pond), winner.

How-to: "Learn English Without Teachers: An Immigrant Shares 16 Techniques That Work," by Chez Raginiak (1 Moment, Apple Valley), finalist.

Culture: "Who Am I ... Now That I'm Not Who I Was?" by Connie Goldman (Nodin Press), finalist.

History: "The Dakota Uprising: A Pictorial History" (Beaver's Pond), by Curtis A. Dahlin, finalist.

Humor: "Campfire Tales," by Jerry Fearing (Nodin Press), finalist; "Call Me Puke: A Life on the Dirt Circuit," by Mark Sieve (Two Harbors Press, Minneapolis), winner.

Midwest: "Wild Berries and Fruits: Field Guide of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan," by Teresa Marrone (Adventure Publications), finalist.

Nature: "Night Sky: A Field Guide to the Constellations," by Jonathon Poppele (Adventure Publications), finalist; "The Wild Garden: A Journey of Loss and Renewal," by Peter Bundy (North Star Press), finalist.

Poetry: "Unrest: Poems," by Joanna Rawson (Graywolf Press, Minneapolis), finalist.

Sports: "Maroon & Gold Forever: Celebrating 125 Years of Gopher Football," by Ross Bernstein (Bernstein Books, Eagan), finalist; "Minnesotans in Baseball," edited by Stew Thornley (Nodin Press), finalist,

Reference: "Classroom Discipline: Guiding Adolescents to Responsible Independence," by Linda Crawford and Christopher Hagedorn (Origins Program, Minneapolis), winner.

Inspiration: "Circle of Catholic Women: Journal One," by Karen Pavlicin (Juloya, St. Paul), finalist.

Social science: "Thinking Skinny," by Nadia Giordana (Cloud 9 Publishing, Dayton), finalist; "Begin Here: Helping Survivors Manage," by Kat Reed (Death and Life Publishing, St. Paul), finalist.

Illustration: "Campfire Tales," by Jerry Fearing (Nodin Press), winner.

Interior layout: "Honor Bright: A Century of Scouting in Northern Star Council," by Dave Kenney, design by Cathy Spengler (Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America), winner.

Cover design: "Without Warning," by Rodney N. Johnson, design by James Monroe Design (Beaver's Pond), finalist; "Whiteout," by Brian Duran, design by James Monroe Design (Beaver's Pond), finalist.