When it comes to potential offseason moves the Timberwolves may make, Karl-Anthony Towns' name often comes up in the trade rumor mill.

Towns, for as frustrating as his game can be at times when it comes to foul trouble, had some of the best moments of his career this postseason, and he said he treasured the chance to be on a contending team in his ninth season with the organization.

But he seemed to reference the potential uncertainty around his future with the team Thursday night after the Wolves were eliminated in the NBA Western Conference finals by the Mavericks at Target Center.

Factoring into that uncertainty is ownership's willingness to go into the luxury tax to keep this team together, and just who will be paying that bill amid the fight for team control between minority owners Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez and controlling owner Glen Taylor.

"I'm just happy to see, been here nine years, hope next year, I'd love for the tenure to keep going," Towns said.

Towns is under contract — he has a supermax extension set to kick in next season that will pay him about $49 million. When asked to elaborate on why he is merely hopeful to return, Towns said he was still confident he would be back in Minnesota.

"I'm confident I'll be able to be here with my brothers and continue what I love to do here at home," Towns said. "So that's the plan. Nothing's changed on my side. I love this city. I love this organization. I love this city."