When weather systems stall, crazy extremes often result, like 28 inches of rain in south Florida last week from thunderstorms forming along a stalled boundary, a stalled Hurricane Harvey dumping over 60 inches of rain on Houston in August 2017 or a stalled snowstorm squeezing out 2 to 3 feet of snow around Halloween 1991.

A stalled front draped over Minnesota will spin up several rounds of thunderstorms this week with another 3 to 5 inches of rain possible in many communities by next weekend. Another month's worth of rain this week, after a month's worth of rain in some spots last weekend. What's the opposite of drought?

Stating the obvious, soils are saturated. Lakes, rivers and streams are brimming. Any additional downpours may cause flooding, and there's a good chance this persistently wet pattern will linger into late June, possibly early July.

Once again Monday and Tuesday a few storms may turn severe. The atmosphere is ripe for strong winds and large hail. Monsoon season is here.