3 teams on the decline

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are the odd team out in the AFC North, which claimed three playoff spots last year. They can go only as far as quarterback Andy Dalton can take them, and that’s clearly just to the first round of the playoffs. Something has to give eventually, and since the Bengals recently rewarded Dalton with a contract extension, it’s likely going to be coach Marvin Lewis who gets axed.

Kansas City Chiefs

There is some talent on this team, and it’ll be interesting to watch some of the rookies, such as first-round pick Marcus Peters at cornerback. Even with the addition of WR Jeremy Maclin, it’s hard to see the Chiefs have a winning record again with an average Alex Smith at quarterback unless running back Jamaal Charles has a ridiculous season.

Houston Texans

This franchise just can’t seem to get the most important position on the field right. Houston always has struggled to find a functional quarterback, and it currently lacks one on the roster. Now with superstar receiver Andre Johnson gone, the Texans will be more one-sided than ever. Strong defense, suspect offense.