Travel photography is like travel writing. Once you take away the travel part, you're left with the craft in question, which in either case is harder than it looks.

The best photos transcend their subject matter. They evoke emotions. They engage the senses. They fire the imagination. By freezing the visual content of a moment, they parse time itself.

During the past year, the "Photo of the Week" (found on G2) featured the work of more than 50 of the most talented photographers among our readers. Although their subject matter spanned the globe, the best photos stood out for their artistry -- not because they were taken in Syria, Morocco or India. Some were carefully composed. Some required an immaculate sense of timing. Some were amazing displays of color coordination, which stung on the days when we could print them only in black and white.

As we narrowed our choices, we found the honor roll coalescing around five qualities: serendipity, connection, rhythm, patience and timing, and we chose two in each category. All 10 can be seen at Enjoy.