A group of interns in the Minneapolis City Clerk's Office spent part of their summer digitizing some of the city's historic records and photos, including some that are now accesssible in a new online archive.

The city plans to continue to add images and reports to its Minneapolis Archives Flickr page, and will accept comments from residents who might be able to add information or details about the people and events in the photos.

Among the round of postings is a treasure trove of photos from demonstrations put on by the city in 1957, when sharing the message of safety meant putting out fires in front of crowds of nuns, fire trucks full of clowns and a beauty pageant search for "Miss Fire Fighter."

"Rescue of a patient demonstration."

"Acetone ignited. Demonstrating inadequate extinguishers for this size fire."

"Explorer stretcher practice for rescue."

"Successful rescue. Gas masks are hard to breathe in but work is accomplished."

"New 1958 Miss Firefighter receiving gift and flowers."

"Judges looks over one of the Miss Firefighter contestants."

"Minneapolis Aqua Jesters with their fire rig in night parade."