A major snowstorm over the open Plains on Saturday will have comparativelytame impact as it barrels through the Great Lakes Sunday night and Monday. Itwill lay down a swath of significant snowfall that will affect Chicago andDetroit, among others.As snow over Iowa ends Sunday evening, it will spread eastward from northernIllinois and southern Wisconsin into Lower Michigan and northern Indianaovernight. On Monday, the core of heaviest snow will shift out of easternMichigan and over Ontario, Canada.

Much of the snow corridor will get a modest 1-3 inches with Chicago andDetroit included. However, from the Indiana-Michigan line northeastward intoOntario, there will be a belt having 3-6 inches of heavy, wet snow by Mondayevening.

For most areas having snow, there will be at least some rain at the outsetand the snow will stay wet through the storm. The snowfall will be less in mostinstances on pavements, which will tend to be slushy or even wet. Travel willbe slowed.

Gusty winds to 30-40 mph will have limited drifting impact. In areas ofheaviest snow, however, it could trigger power blackouts.

Story by AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews.