SOCHI, RUSSI – We’re well into Week 2 in Sochi, which means I better figure out the laundry situation or I’ll have to start doubling up, and nobody wants that, especially the person sitting next to me on those crowded shuttle buses that have become my home away from home.

I put the odds of my “hotel” having a laundry at least than zero. The fact that my room phone doesn’t work and I had to plug in the lamps upon arrival left me less than confident than they actually do guest laundry.

I stopped by the front desk and sure enough, no laundry service, although they directed me to a hotel nearby and even gave me the price sheet below.

Good thing these prices are in rubles. Not sure accounting would go for a $70 cleaning bill for a handkerchief.

Our main press center here also has a laundry service, which I pass during my three daily trips to McDonalds. I stopped in for a little comparison shopping. Smart move to leave my jumpsuit at home.

Speaking of McDonalds, I was standing in line for my first trip of the day when a young female from England placed her order and ordered ketchup, which I thought was odd. As she was waiting, she asked to buy another thing of ketchup.

Wait, I asked. You have to buy ketchup? Yep. The girl said they also have to buy ketchup at some McDonalds in England.

That would get awfully expensive with my kids.

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