ROCHESTER — A day-care worker was charged Friday for allegedly cutting a co-worker's infant's face with a pizza cutter after an argument turned physical this week in Rochester.

Andrianna Newburn, 26, of Pipestone, Minn., was charged with making felony terroristic threats and also faces third-degree assault charges for harming a victim under 4 years old, as well as misdemeanor assault charges.

Newburn had her first court appearance Friday. Her next court hearing is scheduled for later this month.

According to court records, the co-worker told police that she and Newburn were arguing Thursday afternoon about work duties at the KinderCare child-care center in the 1800 block of Greenview Place SW, when Newburn grabbed the pizza cutter from a back room and threatened to cut her.

"If I can't cut you, I'll cut your kids," Newburn allegedly told the co-worker.

According to court records, witnesses told police they saw Newburn go into the day-care's infant room and slash at the co-worker's baby. Police reported a large laceration on the infant's right cheek.

Newburn tussled with the co-worker but was eventually separated and left the center with her own children, according to court records. She called police from a nearby gas station.

Newburn told officers the co-worker had been trying to boss her around throughout the day. The complaint states she said she tried to separate herself from the co-worker, but the co-worker came after her and started to fight.

According to court records, Newburn told police she intentionally went after the infant. She said she seized the pizza cutter and attacked the co-worker's baby because the co-worker had earlier threatened Newburn's children. She didn't say what kind of threats the co-worker made.