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***No Bullying Movement***

It's no secret that the issue of bullying has become one of major concern in communities locally as well as nationally. While The Ed Gordans of the world do their part in bringing the issue to light it is local heroes like Lisa Carter (founder of the No Bullying Movement) that are the torch bearers for change. Lisa's movement has touched the hearts of supporters throughout the Twin Cities including home-grown American Idol contestant Paris Bennet among many others.

On the website Carter states:

My mission is to start a "No Bullying Movement". My goal is to create awareness, start up conversations about bullying, and bring about a positive change. Bullying is a serious issue that affects so many children as well as adults every day. People are getting hurt both emotionally as well as physically, and it is time to say Enough is enough, and stand united with one another. There are many ways we can all come together and help. Watch the video above to see how Athletes are contributing to the cause.

The site defines bullying as: A form of repeated aggression that is directed by one or more people towards another person.

While most can recognize that bullying can occur in a variety of environments, this is certainly not an issue that is contained by the walls of grade schools. What many may not realize is that there are specific types of bullying that have been identified including Physical Bullying, Verbal Bullying, Cyber Bullying, and Relational Bullying. For more information about bullying and to learn more about the movement that is being developed in the Twin cities visit:

T-shirts and wristbands are available for supporters of this movement. It is imperative that as a community we make a collective effort to put an end to this problem. Check out the website & find out what you can do to be a part of the solution.



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