Neil Huotari is a security specialist and author. In 2009, Huotari wrote "Securing Smiles, A Guide To Family Security," where he uses real-life examples to describe everyday threats and identifies steps to arm family members with appropriate measures to reduce risk. Neil now gives family security seminars, consults and is busy writing his second book, a children's security book.

As a former US Army Military Police Officer, Huotari served in various capacities including Company Commander, Urban Combat Instructor for Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe and as a NATO Delegate.

He also worked for the Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons where he started as a correctional officer at a high security federal prison. He was on a Special Operations Response Team and was a Bureau of Prisons Hostage Negotiator. He dealt with many high-profile inmates and learned how to handle many intense situations.

After leaving government service, Huotari took a job as the Security Intelligence Manager for a Fortune 500 company based in Minneapolis. His primary responsibilities included employee personal security training, analyzing security intelligence and directing the employee international travel security program

Huotari enjoys coaching his son's sports, working out and trying to become a better chef, which some insiders say is an impossible task.