A 48-year-old man pleaded guilty Monday and will serve jail time for being drunk while driving the team bus for Duluth Denfeld High School's boys basketball team late last year.

Shawn E. Zelazny, 48, of Sturgeon Lake, Minn., entered his plea in St. Louis County District Court to second-degree drunken driving, a gross misdemeanor.

Zelazny was driving the coach bus on Dec. 30 back to Duluth from a basketball tournament in Hibbing when he was persuaded by an adult passenger to pull over in Cotton, Minn., while a 911 call was placed.

A state trooper arrived and administered a preliminary breath test, which showed Zelazny's blood alcohol content was 0.218%, more than 2 12 times the legal limit for driving in Minnesota.

Judge Jill Eichenwald sentenced Zelazny to 60 days in jail, which he will serve on weekends spread out over the next two years. His sentence also includes two years' probation. The maximum sentence was a year in jail.

"Mr. Zelazny's actions placed the lives and safety of an entire basketball team at risk," according to a statement from St. Louis County Attorney Kimberly Maki. "Because of the egregiousness of this conduct, the St. Louis County Attorney's Office joined Arrowhead Regional Corrections in requesting a more significant sentence than customary for similar charges."

According to the charges:

The trooper on the scene noted that Zelazny's speech was slurred and that he could not give coherent answers to questions. When she asked him whether he had been drinking before getting behind the wheel, Zelazny replied that he "probably drank too much," the criminal complaint says.

An adult on the bus told a trooper that Zelazny had hit a stop sign and driven the wrong way on a road in Hibbing, missed multiple turns and was exhibiting road rage. The adult eventually persuaded Zelazny to pull into the parking lot of a bar along southbound Hwy. 53 in Cotton, where he was arrested.