On the campaign stump in Iowa, Republican Tim Pawlenty tends to give some praise to 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama's "great speeches."

"He had soaring rhetoric," the governor told a Republican crowd Wednesday."You had to admit they were pretty entertaining."

But, continued the candidate whose rhetoric tends not to soar, the country has learned its lesson.

"Before you put someone in the oval office…they better be ready for the job, you better make sure they have the right experience and the right record of results," Pawlenty said.

He addressed his comments toward Obama, but refused, when asked, to point a direct laser at presidential rival Michele Bachmann, as he has before.

"Everybody has different styles and leaders have to have more than one gear but what I always tell people that you can listen to the rhetoric like we did to Barack Obama in the last campaign or you can look and see what people's results are and if you interested in results, vote for me," Pawlenty said.

Bachmann and Pawlenty are competing in an Iowa straw poll of Republicans, which could give an early indication of their support.