Much is routinely made of how the boys hockey tournament energizes the Xcel Energy Center. But the wrestling state tournament can be similarly hectic with nearly 1,000 competitors converging for three days of madness. In 2023, more than 53,000 fans turned out for the event. To use wrestling terminology, the Xcel Energy Center becomes the "Cradle of Chaos."

Five things to know if you attend the wresting state meet (and you should)

1. Scout out seats early. It's not quite as important in the team competition because all matches in each class will be held in a similar area on the arena floor (Class 1A is on the west end, 2A on the east and 3A in the middle). Individual matches can be anywhere on the floor. The MSHSL has tried to make it a little easier for fans of an individual wrestler by trying to schedule matches in a cluster of mats.

2. Be prepared for frequent confusion. With 24 teams competing on Day 1 and more than 720 individuals set to wrestle at least one match on Day 2, chaos can be the norm. Don't ignore announcements from the public address announcers, who are counted on to pass along necessary information, such as when a scheduled match is moved to a different mat to account for time discrepancies.

3. Lots of downtime … with sudden spurts of energy. Those familiar with wrestling meets know there is significant time between matches. The MSHSL splits each day into two sessions and clears fans from the arena after the first one. Have a plan for the intermission session: Head back to the team hotel or get a midday meal at one of the many establishments near the Xcel Center, but expect lines wherever you go. Take the opportunity to relax in relative silence after the cacophony of the morning.

4. Don't expect to communicate smoothly: With matches occurring on as many as eight mats at once, the noise from fans in the seats is constant. Shouting is always an option, but often not the best one. Be creative and use all of your options (texting, cellphones, even hand signals in a pinch) and be patient.

5. Many wrestling fans understand the best way to experience the wrestling state tournament is to follow more than their favorite competitors. Find a reason to root for a wrestler or two and watch their matches. It can serve to promote the sport and perhaps make your tournament experience more memorable.

Before you arrive at the X

All tickets must be purchased online. Individual session tickets are $11 for students and $17 for adults, and daily passes are $20 and $32. Buy tickets at

The spectator guide has tournament schedules, links for parking and more information. Find it here.

So you can't be there but want to know what's happening?

Keep up to date on individual results and brackets Friday and Saturday here.

Team results and brackets will be here on Thursday night.

The Neighborhood Sports Network is streaming the entire tournament at A subscription is required to view the matches.

View and download the souvenir program here.