The best things in life are free, right? Keep that in mind when it's time to renew a service to which you've become attached. 

SiriusXM radio, for example. Sirius is a mostly commercial free music, comedy, sports, news and talk entertainment via satellite for the car, tablet or phone.  It's a good service, but just like the 100-plus cable channels many of us pay for and rarely watch, we may stick to only a few of the many offerings.

You can pay Sirius' standard rate of $15.99 a month for Select service or you can negotiate a better deal. It helps when you're negotiating to have as much information as possible about the person or company with whom you're negotiating.

SiriusXM, like many companies, will often lower its price when a customer declines its latest offer, maybe because they don't listen to the service that often. Call 1-877-597-7234 and ask for the service retention dept. In the past, deals start out for about $99 for 12 months plus taxes and fees. Then it's $49.97 for six months and sometimes it's lowered to $77 for a year. Recently, the deal has been lowered to $25 for 5 months, a good rate.

But some lapsed customers have recently gotten an even lower rate--$99 for three years. The offer usually waives the $15 activation fee and there's no auto renewal. You can cancel at any time. At roughly $2.75 a month, it's the best deal I've ever seen from SiriusXM. 

There's no guarantee that everyone will get this rate, but it's the lowest offer I've gotten in the 13 years I've been an on and off subscriber.

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