How many people you know predict the future for a living? Financial planners? CIA analysts? Bookies? Most meteorologists I know attempt to forecast weather as a form of therapy. When they were young a tornado, blizzard, flood or hurricane put the fear of God in them. Trying to figure out what happened ultimately led to a career. Because no one in their right mind wakes up and says "Hey, I want to predict the future and be wrong in a public setting much of the time!"

Predicting when ingredients are ripe for violent weather comes with the turf — not our favorite thing to do, but trying to set expectations (without needless hype) is a huge responsibility.

After Monday night's fireworks we go two to three days WITHOUT RAIN as drier air sweeps south out of Canada. Sunshine, lower humidity and lukewarm temperatures? Sign me up.

More gangs of storms prowl the state Friday, but models show a partly sunny, dry and comfortable weekend. A blob-free Doppler Saturday and Sunday? No way. Place your bets.