Johnny Cash used to sing a song called "Suppertime." In the song he talks of his youth out playing and hearing his mother call from the porch for young Johnny to come home; it was "supper time." The next line in the song then says how Johnny would "love to hear that once again" as he reflects on his youth.

I've thought of that song so many times since my dad passed away two months ago. Boy, what I wouldn't give to hear may dad yell "supper time" once more from the front step of our house, as he did when I was a boy.

My dad was a lovely person. I think lovely is the right word due to his success in finding great enjoyment in life's simple pleasures. Dad taking a break on his backyard swing, a glass of ice water in hand on a hot day, the birds chirping above, and his wife and kids nearby. I am glad he had those things right through to the end. I miss my dad. I miss supper time too.