When Charles Barkley recently asked Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards for a list of restaurant recommendations while in town for the Western Conference finals, it sparked a big debate on social media about where he should go. Since then, Barkley has popped up in various local online posts and photos, with people jazzed to see the former NBA star out and about in the Twin Cities.

The Star Tribune caught up with Barkley on Thursday night as he was exiting the Lofton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, and asked him for a review of his experiences here so far. He said that he's enjoying himself.

"It's great to be back here, because this is an underrated city," Barkley said.

Barkley and Edwards went viral on Sunday night following their interview, when Edwards told the TNT and CBS Sports analyst to "Bring ya ass" to Minnesota. The catchy slogan prompted marketing departments for numerous Minnesota institutions to design their own photo-shopped ads around it. Barkley said he thinks it's great how popular the slogan has become.

So where has Barkley gone in Minneapolis? One of his favorite stops so far, he said, was Manny's Steakhouse, where he dined Tuesday night.

"Oh, I had a great time at Manny's, it was really good," Barkley said, adding that he ordered the filet mignon. "Plus, the atmosphere was really good."

Manny's general manager, Dave Wilson, said the restaurant staff had a great time hosting Barkley, who snapped some photos with restaurant guests.

"He was very gracious with his time and super excited to be in Minneapolis," Wilson said.

Barkley's group ordered several large steaks and hash browns, Wilson said, joking that he didn't see many vegetables on the table.

For lunch, it appears Barkley dined at the Red Cow burger restaurant in North Loop. The local restaurant posted a selfie with Barkley the same day.

Barkley said he's also thinking of checking out another downtown steakhouse, J.D. Hoyt's Supper Club. He was later photographed outside the restaurant.

A social media post from Axios reporter Torey Van Oot showed Barkley taking a selfie with fans during a trip Wednesday to the downtown Minneapolis Target store. One man spotted him leaving a Subway shop around noon in a Minneapolis skyway.

Amy Mauzy of Total Luxury Limousine was able to snag a selfie with Barkley during this visit and one he made here in 2019, when he came to the Twin Cities to cheer on Auburn University, where he was an All-America, in the NCAA Final Four men's playoffs.

"When Charles comes into the airport, you hear him before you see him," she said. "He came busting through the door, and I'm like, 'Oh my God, there he is.'"

Mauzy noted that fans were shouting their own restaurant recommendations at Barkley as he made his way out of the airport.

"He's a dynamite guy — personable, fun, and a real people's person," she said.