Resting Point is the name of our two-bedroom cabin on Platte Lake in Onamia, Minn. It has offered more than shelter over the 55-plus years it has been in the family.

The cabin sits 25 feet from the lakeshore, which has been kept in its natural, unmanicured state.

Two generations of our children believe that pirates once ruled Platte Lake. My nephews remember finding a treasure map in a bottle that floated to shore. I'll never forget making that map complete with calligraphy, landmarks and burnt, stained edges. I found an old bottle and tucked the map inside, and set it afloat in the lake. Waiting for the kids to find it was pure joy. We pulled the map out, solved its riddles and unearthed a box filled with pirate's booty.

Then we had our own children. They, too, would know the thrill of the treasure hunt. I enjoyed the hunt for an old wooden box, jewelry, coins and trinkets to fill it.

Our kids learned to swim, fish and water ski at Resting Point. Fishing off the dock, baby fish tugging on lines from below, was always a sure thing for hours of entertainment.

Then there's the Fourth of July. Our kids learned how to hold a sparkler at arm's length, hoping, like summer, it would go on forever. We loved the boat parades, each kid assigned a decorating task. We all shared in the pride of winning first place one year, and second the next.

And that's just summers at Resting Point. What about those cozy fall and winter trips? The smell and crunch of the leaves and the brisk air are so welcomed after the warm glow of summer fades. That little cabin keeps us warm as if radiating all the heat it soaked up during the summer.

Ann Hudoba, roseville