"How'd it look?" Visanthe Shiancoe wanted to know.

When you retell this story -- and you will -- please remember that the Vikings tight end ASKED me that question. I did not walk over to Shiancoe at saftey Darren Sharper's party at Trocaderos early today and leeringly aver: Hey, Visanthe, I'd ask how it's hanging, but I already know the answer is greeeeeaatt!

Fox has apologized for a camera crew taping Vikings owner Zygi Wilf's post Detroit victory ball ceremony, inadvertently catching a glimpse of Shiancoe adjusting his towel and momentarily revealing more of the tight end's anatomy than expected.

"Oh, they apologized? I heard about that. I got a lot of calls about that," Shiancoe told me.

Many athletes are clearly comfortable being naked, or they wouldn't walk around the lockerroom in the buff, so I didn't imagine this event was particularly traumatic for Shiancoe.

"I know, but it's within the lockerroom, not with the nation but you know, it's not too bad. I didn't just get out the pool."

He was joking about the matter, so I attempted to confirm what joke he was making. Meaning, there was no shrinkage, I said as Shiancoe laughed and walked away.

Later, I continued our conversation in the Trocaderos' VIP section, where some women were furiously shaking it to the music as Sharper, defensive tackle Pat Williams and (surprise!) tackle Bryant McKinnie greeted club guests. Shiancoe seemed curious about why so many people knew about the video slip-up.

"Is it all over the Internet," Shiancoe asked.

Oh, yeah.

"WHAAAAAT?" he said, "Are you serious?"

And the website sportsbybrooks.com has a big black vertical bar covering the interesting area. A big one, I stressed. That brought on more laughter from Shiancoe.

Then I told him I had also seen a youtube.com clip that included no such editing.

That's when Shiancoe cheekily inquired: "How'd it look?"

Impressive. Since I don't see nearly enough of that around my house these days, I didn't mind at all. He thought that was pretty funny, and we shared a hand slap, which was followed by me happily going home alone.

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