Who is it? A Boston area synth-pop band led by falsetto-voiced bedroom taper Michael Angelakos, 21, who laid the tracks on the group's first EP as a Valentine's gift for his ex-girlfriend. Cheap present, but a rich back story.

Why the buzz? The lovelorn EP circulated through Emerson College dorms while Angelakos put his band together. Named best new act in Boston's alt-weekly paper after just a few gigs, Passion Pit went on to conquer the CMJ Fest and score a U.K. deal with Columbia Records. Its debut album, "Manners," came out in May.

What do we think? It's refreshing to hear an electronic indie band not trying to be too cool for art-school, but Angelakos' youthful, chirpy earnestness really is a lot to swallow. And his screechy voice at times is downright choking. Happy-whimpery songs like "The Reeling" and "Sleepyhead" and their hyper, Red Bull-soaked walls of beats and synth layers could make for a high-revving live show, but on record they're enough to drive you into the ditch in aural exhaustion.

When's the gig? 9 p.m. today, Triple Rock, 629 Cedar Av. S., Mpls. Sold out. The band then heads to Lollapalooza in Chicago.