Q: Any info on "Better Call Saul"?

A: Yes, and it's not good for the fans of this great show. In late February, AMC boss Josh Sapan said, "We still have some shifting around due to COVID-related production delays for our shows," according to a report by the Wrap. "We have a fuller slate of the 'Walking Dead' universe shows than we've had in some time, with 'The Walking Dead' back and 'Fear the Walking Dead' back at full strength, and then the second season of 'World Beyond.' It does look likely, at this point, that 'Better Call Saul' will move into the first quarter of 2022." That could change, of course, but if it stands, almost two years will have passed between the end of the past season and the start of a new one.

Discovery Plus shows stay on cable

Q: Is the Discovery Plus streaming channel replacing regular programming on cable TV? On every channel I watch on TV, it is inundated with the Discovery Plus boasting exclusive programming with most of the channels that are on regular cable TV. Does that mean that programs like "Ghost Adventures," several of the programs on the Food channel and programs on HGTV will not be showing any new programming or even repeats? People who are on fixed incomes, like I am, cannot afford a new streaming service, but also do not want to lose the programs on regular cable.

A: Thanks to the heavy marketing campaign for Discovery Plus, the new streaming service drawing on original shows and an array of cable programs, I have received many letters from people concerned that they are losing shows from their cable, possibly entire channels.

So let's start with the promise a top Discovery executive recently delivered: HGTV, Food, Travel and all the other channels in the Discovery family will continue to exist on cable, with new and returning programs.

At the same time, though, the parent company is very high on Discovery Plus. It helped add about 7 million subscribers to Discovery's streaming portfolio by the end of February as viewers were drawn to new shows featuring Discovery stars, spin offs of Discovery programs and repeats of older shows.

Yes, in some cases, those repeats are no longer available through services other than Discovery Plus, and you can expect some specific shows to migrate from cable to streaming. But this is a way that program suppliers across the board are reaching out to audiences, especially cord-cutters who no longer have cable. We're seeing this not only with streamers like Netflix and Hulu but with brand-specific streaming services such as Peacock (from NBC), Disney Plus, HBO Max and more.

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