As the world marvels at Taylor Swift’s takedown of Apple, we can’t help but wonder: How else can the country-turned-pop sensation propel the power of good?

In an open letter titled “To Apple, Love Taylor” that went viral on Tumblr Sunday, Swift told the tech titan that it should pay artists for music offered during a trial of its new streaming service or it could kiss her latest album, “1989,” goodbye. Apple agreed to her terms within 24 hours.

Seeing as how Swift obviously wears the pants in this world, Internet buzz immediately sprung up around other wrongs she could right with a quick letter. Fans called for Swift to set FIFA straight, #TakeDownTheFlag or halt Iran’s nuclear program. There’s also been an outcry for her to join the 2016 presidential ballot or usurp Beyoncé’s throne as queen of music.

A rundown on BuzzFeed suggests a note “To Chipotle” opposing charging burrito buyers for guacamole. A dispatch “To Manspreaders” demands an end to the seated positions invading personal space. Another letter “To Autocorrect” could forever prevent mobile devices from plaguing text conversations with awkward moments.

While the demands a la Swift range in urgency from longer iPhone battery life to the abolition of student loan debt, here’s a cause we can all get behind: “Can you rid the world of yellow Starbursts next?”

Swift has again showcased her business power by being a bit sour. □