Leave it to the St. Paul Saints to turn an April Fools prank into a real-life opportunity to rebrand the minor league team for a day.

The beloved baseball team will become the Duck Duck Gray Ducks on Aug. 19. For the reason behind the comical move, a little background is necessary.

While other teams around the country were rebranding themselves, the Saints took it a step further (in true Saints fashion). On April 1, the team announced they would play 50 home games under 50 different monikers, and they invited fans to vote on their favorites. The over-the-top names included the St. Paul Duck, Duck Gray Ducks, St. Paul Holy Buckets, Minnesota Nice, St. Paul Gutteral Uff Da's and Minnesota Cabin Goers.

This all was no joke for Saints fans, who actually loved the names and insisted the team use at least one of the monikers during a game in 2017.

The team obliged and again asked fans to vote for their favorite. "In a landslide, with more than 1,000 'likes,' St. Paul Duck, Duck Gray Ducks outdistanced itself from the other four," announced the team in a release.

Once that was decided, the Cleburne Railroaders agreed to temporarily change their name to the "Duck, Duck Goose" for the game.

Of course every Minnesotan knows that the Duck Duck Gray Ducks are already the winner, because Duck Duck Goose is just plain wrong.